Fresh Herbs


Originally an Indian herb widely used in Mediterranean recipe. Basil is commonly used fresh in cooking recipes. Basil has a fragrant aroma, strong and pliable taste. The use of basil is very extensive in varied cuisines all over the world especially Italian, Thai and Vietnamese. Basil is still considered the “king of herbs” by many cookery authors.


Chives carry a flavour and aroma that is common in onion family, but in a subtle quantity. Chives are grown for the leaves that are added as flavouring agent. They are used in various recipes in the traditional French and Sweden culinary. They are chopped and used as an ingredient while cooking potatoes and soups. They are used in a similar way to green onion and garlic. As overheating destroys the flavour, chives are added at the end of the cooking process.

Coriander Leaves

Coriander, also known as Cilantro, Chinese parsley, Dhania or Kothmir  is an annual herb. The fresh leaves are an ingredient in many Indian recipes, Chinese and Thai dishes, Mexican cooking and as a garnish, and in salads in Russia. When added to heated dishes, the leaves lose their flavour, and are often used raw or garnished just before serving.

Curry Leaves

Aromatic leaves, are also called Meetha Neem, Kadhi Pata. They are used very widely in Indian cooking, especially the South and the West. The curry tree is native to India. Curry leaves are widely used in tempering Indian dishes like dal, kadhi etc.


Also known as Lao coriander or Savaa, it is an aromatic ingredient with a delicate sweet flavour. It has fern like leaves which are feathery and dark green in colour. Its seed is a light brown oval shaped ingredient. The leaves, seeds and yellow flowers of the dill plant are edible. Dried dill leaves are called dill weed.

With its simple taste, dill is better used fresh than dried for the full flavour profile. Dill is also used as herb to flavour soups, pickles, salads and other foods or can be prepared as a vegetable served with flattened bread.


Lemon grass is a tall perennial grass. It has a lemony flavour and is used in teas, soups and curries. It tastes somewhat like ginger with a citrus kick. Fresh lemon grass is widely used in Thai food curries. It can be used in dried or powdered forms too. While cooking lemongrass, the lower bulb and the outer cover are cut off. The long green stem is added while cooking. Also, it can be used sliced or grounded into paste.

Mint Leaves

Also known as Phudina, mint is a type of herb with a refreshing flavour. It can be used dried or fresh. They have a sweet flavour with a cool after taste. It has a strong, sharp scent. Fresh mint leaves are used as an ingredient in many South Asian dishes. Chopped mint leaves are added as garnish in dishes dal and curries. In India, mint leaves are used to make cool refreshing summer drinks.


It has green-white curled leaves with a pungent minty taste and lemony aroma. It may be bought fresh or dried. The leaves are grey green in colour. Its shelf life is almost a week and it is usually available all year round. It is widely used in Armenia in teas. For cooking purpose you can either use the whole sprig or you can remove the leaves and discard the stem.

Know Your Ingredients

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